My Journey With A Frenemy (PCOD)

What do you think how a 15 year old girl will react when she will miss her period? I guess she will be terrified. But for some unknown reason, I felt blessed. In this blog, I will be sharing all the perils I have gone through because of my ovarian cyst and how I have overcame this “bloody” monster.

I was 15 and was studying in ninth standard when I realised one day, I was late by three months. I wasn’t even perturbed about the fact that inconsistent periods can be such a big headache. I consulted my former gyno and after some blood tests and USGs (ka-ching) I found out I had chocolate cyst which was told by her wasn’t that big of a deal. I really enjoyed my blood-free and cramps-free months because who would like to stand in a pool of blood unless you’re Macbeth yourself. Jokes apart, a medicine (Duoluton-L) was prescribed and I was strictly informed to avoid all the inorganic food products.

After all these safety measures, I was pretty sure the cyst has left my side because my periods became regular again and this was the time when I was applying for colleges. I didn’t realise but I was slowly growing an eating disorder and after every college sessions burgers and pastries became my go-to snacks. To my horror, by then I put on 10kgs and there was no food which could satiate my hunger. But there was much more left, I was again 2 months late. And this time I consulted a different gyno cause I felt I needed to have a permanent solution to this and also didn’t want to depend on any more medicines. Again after some blood tests and USGs (ka-ching*2) I found out this time it was Poly-Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). My gyno consulted to lose weight because that was the only permanent solution to this frenemy of mine who determined never to leave my side.

I had no choice but to reduce my weight to get rid of this irksome friend. My journey to different gyms and zumba classes began. But there was no gym which had helped me to reduce my weight even when I worked my butts off. Every gym instructor had one excuse to my failed attempt at reducing weight: “PCOD patients take more time to reduce their weight, so you can get our another 2 months package and you will definitely get visible results.” And I gradually lost my faith on the gyms.

I decided to rather invest my money on a good dietitian. And that changed my entire process of eating ceaselessly and my unhealthy lifestyle. I am going to share two tips which helped me reducing a total of 8kgs in two months.

1. Ginger, Lemon & Cumin seeds water

Every morning after drinking 1-2 glass of plain water, I boiled water with a pinch of cumin seeds and shredded ginger in it. Then strained the water and added lemon juice in it. After 15-20 mins of drinking this I worked out or went for a run whichever suited me best.

2. Gluten-free Diet

I avoided anything and everything which had sugar and maida or all purpose flour in it. That will include cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolates,etc. And being on the safe side I also traded my regular atta with multi-grain atta.

Besides following these 2 tips, I also worked out more and increased my core strength by exercising on a gymball. The most important thing for reducing your weight is making the mind-muscle connection. Let the greens satiate your hunger and I am sure you’ll never regret choosing the greens over fries.

Do comment your PCOD story and what affect it had/has on your life. Thank You so much for reading!

Geetopriya Saha

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